Safety and labor protection

Safety and labor protection

The safety of the working location is the key to the successful labor activity of each employee, and therefore the enterprise as a whole. Violation of the rules of safety and labor protection introduces an imbalance in the work of the organization, as well as leads to damage to property and a decrease in the ability of valuable professionals. In order to avoid such unfortunate consequences, managers and employees of the company need to take courses in the training of safety and labor protection.

The trainings are conducted by the competent trainers of BEK Consulting LLP. Participants of seminars and lecturers are introduced to the axioms of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which specify the mandatory rules of safety at work. At the same time, the visitors of the courses are taught the basic rules of electrical, sanitary and fire safety, and also inform about the features of compulsory insurance. As a result, employees better understand their rights and responsibilities in ensuring safety and labor protection, which positively affects the performance of the specialist.

For the qualitative mastering of information by the students of the courses, the teachers of BEK Consulting LLP use a lot of visual methodological materials, as well as multimedia systems for transferring, storing and reproducing information. Thus, the specialist will always be able to restore the content of the lectures and optimize their skills in organizing the safety and labor protection in the enterprise.


  • Training of members of the FAPE on safety and labor protection
  • Safety and labor protection for managers, responsible, engineering and technical workers
  • Safety and labor protection for working personnel
  • Rules and instructions for the main job
  • Investigation and recording of accidents at work
  • Safety and labor protection rules when working at height
  • First aid

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