About company

About company

«BEK Consulting» LLP is a united team of highly qualified professionals. They quickly and qualitatively meet the needs of employees and managers of companies operating in the oil refining, construction, chemical, and gas industries. At the same time, the company LLP "BEK Consulting" actively cooperates with enterprises that need training of highly specialized professionals.

The services

  • Servicing of gas consuming modules.
  • Examination of industrial safety.
  • Training in industrial mountaineering, concepts of labor protection and fire safety.
  • Preparation of highly qualified employees for the organization of industrial, as well as electrical safety of hazardous production facilities.
  • Conducting attestation of working space in enterprises.

Credo of "BEK Consulting" LLP

Affordable cost of services, respectful attitude to the wishes of customers, fulfillment of commitments just in time - the basic concepts of the company's work.

Do you want to organize mutually beneficial cooperation and get the accredited partner's support legally? Yes, then safely inform us about this right now.

Believe, we work for you!

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